Club meetings are generally held on a Friday that coincides with a Dog Show weekend either on the Lower Mainland or occasionally Vancouver Island. 

Meeting date and are location is posted under Calendar Of Events.

The Club also holds an Annual General Meeting in January of each year.

Membership in the SSCBC is open to Shetland Sheepdog Fanciers residing in the British Columbia who meet the following eligibility requirements:

•are not under suspension or expulsion by the CKC or any other recognized club or any

         association incorporated under the Animal Pedigree Act;

•are not in contravention of Ch. 13, Sec. 64.j of the Animal Pedigree Act (1988);

•have not been convicted on a charge of cruelty to animals;

•are not engaged in the breeding, buying or selling of dogs which are not purebred;

•upon application, have been approved by the Club with a two-thirds majority vote by secret ballot.

Non-residents of  British Columbia may join as Associate Members.

MEMBERSHIP DUES: $30.00 per year* - contact Robie Hambly (250)644-3284

for information and Membership Form

(*Subject to change. Dues are set annually at the January AGM.  (2018 fees will be $30.00)

BREEDER REFERRAL PAGE:  Contact webmaster Mike Koombes to be included on the page.